When he’s not busy working, Block Electric General Foreman Bill Kuta spends most of his time with his wife Gina at their children’s sporting events. Bill and Gina have three children—Tiffany, 16; Billy, 15; and Carli, 11.

“Our family is very involved in sports, and most of our time is spent at our kids’ games,” Bill said. “We have just concluded this season of travel baseball and softball, and we are currently involved in tryouts for next year. I have managed/ coached travel baseball and travel softball for the last six years. It is a substantial time commitment, but I love the experience. We have been very fortunate in that we have met a lot of amazing families and made a lot of friends along the way.

Before becoming an electrician, Bill attended the University of Illinois at Chicago. After two years, he transferred to Lewis University in Romeoville where he received his A&P Aircraft Mechanics License. While attending college Bill worked at Delta Air Lines at O’Hare.

“When I received my A&P License in the early 1990’s, the airline industry was in a period of financial crisis; and there was a major hiring freeze imposed across the board,” Bill said. “It was at this time that a friend suggested I sign up for the electrical union. This turned out to be an excellent decision.”

“The electrical industry is an everchanging industry, and it has provided a solid foundation for myself and my family,” Bill continued. “Block Electric is the third contractor that I have worked for, and I greatly appreciate the last 11 years that I have been with them. Throughout the years I have met an incredible amount of talented electricians at Block, and it has been their continued support and guidance that has been most helpful.

Block Electric recently completed the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel Project in Chicago which, according to Bill, has “truly been a joint collaboration”.

“The combined effort, dedication and perseverance of everyone involved contributed to the successful restoration of this historic building,” Bill continued. “The lead foremen on this job were George Brauneis, Bill McGing, Gary Jones, and Joe Sambucaro (second shift). These men were the key components in restoring a 120-year-old shell of a building into a brand new boutique hotel. The project spanned over a two year period. During the last seven months we had two shifts working seven days a week to complete the project. After approximately 1000 RFI’s, the conventional process was abandoned; and the architects and engineers met with the tradesmen daily to resolve issues in a timely manner. The building is a Chicago Architectural Landmark; therefore, every effort was made to restore and save all of the original fixtures, woodwork, marble, plaster castings and mosaic flooring.”

Bill praised everyone involved with the project for their professionalism and dedication. “The lead foremen and all of the electricians who worked on this project did a phenomenal job of thinking outside of the box and developing and implementing install methods that would not compromise the historic elements of the original structure,” Bill continued. “We installed one of the most complicated BUS duct systems that SQD has developed and engineered, all under tight time constraints. Gary Jones did an amazing job installing the exterior lighting on the Historic Limestone Facade which is, by far, one of the buildings most remarkable features.