John Crane Customer Delight

This was the first time that John Crane has worked with Block Electric. We are very pleased with the results of the job .It was a fairly large project with a number of challenges and some shifting deadlines. The work was completed in the timeline dictated by our business.

However, Ifeel it’s important to let you know that the key to the success of this job was Kevin Neumann. Kevin was professional from beginning to end. He exhibited total respect to our employees and work rules at John Crane. Kevin was always willing to adjust his schedule to meet the job requirements. He did a terrific job handling the day to day details and communicated any special needs well in advance.

My job would not be complete without letting you know what a pleasure it was working with Kevin on this project and hopefully additional projects in the future.

John Duszynski

Facilities Project Manager

FW RHS Auditorium Project

I want to take a moment to thank Block Electric for another job well done. While we are not quite 100% complete yet, I know you all have gone out of your way to get this job done right and completed on time to the best of your abilities. I especially want to recognize and praise Eric’s work and diligence. I am sure this job would not be where it is at today without his expertise and leadership.

There were many obstacles on this project he had to deal with and work through to keep us on time, many others may have thrown in the towel. Once again, as with all the many projects Block Electric has done for VVSD I am extremely satisfied with the final product, completed in a timely manner. It is because of the people on your staff like Eric that makes this happen.

Dan Romstedt

Facility Operations – Electrical Leadman

Valley View School District

Construction Resource Group Recognizes Special Efforts of Team Member

I want to thank Gene DePilla for doing a great job and for his special efforts on the Macy’s Old Orchard project.

Bill Stysma
Project Manager
Construction Resource Group

School of the Art Institute of Chicago Commends Efforts of Team Member

I wanted you to know that Joe Weiszhar has been terrific this summer, very patient, professional, and going the extra mile. The furniture installers threw us a few curveballs but he dealt with them very smoothly. Thanks for all of your prompt assistance this summer.

John Sedan
Director of Facilities Management
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Power Construction Praises Staff for Attention to Details

On behalf of Power Construction Company, LLC and specifically our management team for St. Francis Hospital, I would like to extend our thanks and offer herewith a letter of appreciation in acknowledgement of the efforts by you and your team towards the successful completion of the O/B Renovation project and the associated HVAC Code Compliance and Wood Framing Resolution projects at St. Francis Hospital.
Our subcontractors and vendors are a key participant in every step of the process. The achievement of the successful completion of this project should also be shared with every member of the team, as it is based on the cooperative and dedicated effort by each team member. We hope you are proud to be a part of this success. Thank you to Bill McGing and his crew for a job well done.

Joseph Aiu,
Senior Project Manager,
Power Construction Company, LLC

LaGrange Memorial Hospital Thanks Block Team

La Grange Memorial Hospital’s Central Plant Project required us to go through a series of power outages that affected the majority of our inpatient units. This work was accomplished in coordination with Walsh Construction and your company. This effort was completed without problem and any consequence to the hospital and its’ ability to deliver quality healthcare.

As a result, we just wanted to communicate to you, our compliments for the quality work your team provided from research to planning and execution for which we commend you. Thank you to Keith Howen and his crew.

Ed Gervain, Manager,
Executive Director,Operations
LaGrange Memorial Hospital

Pepper Construction Expresses Appreciation to Block Team for Successful Completion

I thought it was necessary to formally compliment Gerald Martin’s performance at the Marshall Field’s State Street Exterior Lighting Project. His commitment to the project and tireless work ethic exemplifies Block’s dedication to a higher level of service. It was a pleasure to work with Gerald’s positive attitude and upbeat personality. The project’s success would not have been achieved without Gerald and the Block trades personnel. Thank you to Gerald Martin and his crew for a job well done.

Jeff Kmet
Project Manager,
Pepper Construction

United Airlines Experiences “Customer Delight” working with the Block Team

I would like to take a minute to express my appreciation to you and your people. As you are aware Block Electric was awarded the contract for our UPS Replacement Projectwhich started in 2003 and ended in 2004. My responsibility as Building Operations Manager was to oversee the project for Facility Maintenance. I worked each and every day with Block Electric personnel and their subcontractors. The project went without a hitch, and your foreman, Tom Sieck, did an excellent job coordinating and completing many different aspects of the project. As a matter of fact, every MOP (Method of Procedure), was not only accomplished without a problem, each was completed ahead of the schedule.

The real reason I felt compelled to write you was your willingness to help us with a crisis that occurred on Thursday, December 23, 2004. You came here to United immediately. I asked you if it were possible to have Tom Sieck on the job. Not only did you accommodate that request, you coordinated a team of your employees and subcontractors to accomplish the transformer switch in what I regard as an unbelievable short amount of time. We were back up and running in less that 24 hours from when our transformer blew. They worked together as a team not wasting any time or effort. My compliments to Greg Gorski, Jason Carline, Mike Kriesement, and especially Tom Sieck.

One of your company’s mission statements is “We dedicate ourselves to create a higher level of service which will result in what we call: CUSTOMER DELIGHT.” Well here at United Airlines World Headquarters Facility Maintenance we have certainly experienced that, “Customer Delight” working with Block Electric.

Pat Weldon
Manager of Building Operations UDC
United Airlines

Niles Subcontractor Firm to Receive Safety Award

(Des Plaines, IL.) – Block Electric Co., Inc. of Niles, a firm specializing in electrical contracting and communications, will be presented with an award for its safety program when the Association of Subcontractors & Affiliates (ASA Chicago) holds its 9th Annual Safety Award Evening at the Beau Jolie in Schiller Park, Illinois on Tuesday, May 4, 2004. Awards are presented to companies who have demonstrated continuing efforts in the implementation of exemplary safety programs.

“Having a safe work site is paramount to these firms, and they have demonstrated that commitment to safety by having the safest work sites among our members,” said Safety Committee Chairman Mr. Bob Smith of The Levy Company. “They set an example for all subcontractors to follow.” The criterion for selection is from the OSHA 300 form. ASA Chicago is presenting awards to fifty-two (52) member firms for their impeccable safety records in 2003.

Argonne National Laboratory Customer

I would like to take the opportunity to point out the excellent service Argonne received from Block on the recent project of subject. More specifically , the combination of field personnel and management had outperformed many services provided by other contractors alike. Jim McCormick was always prompt in responding to inquiries. He held a systematic approach to each issue and was very well organized throughout the project. For example, when Argonne’s SME requested that the Block provide a log of

the torqueing of the bolts. Jim coordinated a simple diagram of the torque of each bolt. It’s somewhat seemingly unimpressive, but Jim wasn’t given any specific direction and it’sjust an example how he easily and without gripe handled each and every issue to Argonne ‘s satisfaction. Also, I owe Jim a great amount of gratitude on that particularly because that same SME was a lot more cooperative on my projects because of Jim’s level demeanor and accommodating attitude, which is not typical of that particular SME.

The quality of work performed in the field by Block electric, namely Adam Mellen, was outstanding. Any inconsistencies in the field were promptly communicated to Argonne field personnel and dealt with in a professional manner. Personally, whenever I visited and inspected the site, Adam was approachable, informative and accommodating. I don’t think you have a better field tech than Adam.

I hope your team’s experience for this project was a positive one for your company as well, and you can be assured I will be reaching out to Jim for any future opportunities that I come across. Thank you for putting these outstanding professionals on the project.

Sincerely Yours,

Thomas Howe Project Manager

Argonne Facilities Management Service & Leadership Computing Facility

Paul H. Schwendener, Inc. Congratulates Block Electric

To the President:

The Paul H. Schwendener, Inc. firm congratulates your entire organization for being honored by the Association of Subcontractors & Affiliates for an exemplary safety record during 2003. There are plenty of awards to obtain for contractors during the course of a year, but none as important as a safety acknowledgement. We applaud your results and aspire to work in the company of subcontractors that place safety as a #1 priority.

Julie Dunn

Ragnar Benson Compliments Block Electric on Completion of Multiple Projects

I am sending you this letter in reference to the three projects you have and still are completing for us at the Northwestern University Chicago Campus. I would just like to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with you, your company and your field personnel on these three projects. I would especially like to acknowledge your field foreman – Jim Strege, and the exceptional job he has done on these three projects. His personal attention to the overall projects schedule, job coordination, quality material installation and personnel interaction with our RBI team has consistently been outstanding.

Jim, along with your other field crew personnel has done a great job and should be complimented on his efforts. It is needless to say that their work efforts are definitely an extension of your project management. I urge you and your entire field crew(s) to keep up the great work. Thank you to Jim Strege and his crew for a job well done.

Eric Williams,
Project Manager,
Ragnar Benson

The Meyne Company Thanks Block Electric

Rebuilding together volunteers rehabilitate America’s low-income homes and communities. Neighbors helping neighbors, like the barn-raising of old, is the American spirit in action. Rebuilding Together was born of that spirit as people came together to help their low-income neighbors fix their houses – first in Texas, then in Washington, D.C., and then California and beyond.

On behalf of Bulley & Andrews, LLC and The Meyne Company, we would like to thank Block Electric for its generous and enthusiastic support of our “Rebuilding Together” project at 4120 W. Jackson Blvd. As I think you may realize from your involvement, the event was a tremendous success. In the matter of just one day our team was able to provide the homeowner with over $50,000 worth of renovations all of which were made possible through big-hearted contributions of time and/or materials such as the electrical services and fixtures by your firm. Designed by Ross Barney and Jankowski, the Levy Senior Center was an innovative and challenging project. The Meyne Company is proud of these prestigious awards, which serves as testament to the quality work of our respective firms and industry as a whole.

Your contributions allowed our team to make major improvements to the living conditions of the homeowner resulting in a safer and cleaner environment for her and the grandchildren she cares for. Bulley & Andrews and the homeowner, who was so grateful for the renovations to her property, will long remember your philanthropy. Thank you again for you generosity and willingness to support such a worthwhile cause.” Thank you to all the employees who volunteered their time and workmanship.e Meyne Company would like to thank your firm for its role in building the Levy Senior Center; such accomplishments are the result of much hard work and a strong spirit of cooperation. Your efforts as part of a dedicated team of subcontractors were integral to the successful delivery of such a noteworthy project. We look forward to additional opportunities to work together and wish your firm continued success on future endeavors.
David Linden,
Project Manager, House Captain,
Bob Johnson,
General Superintendent,
Field Coordinator,
The Meyne Company

Power Acknowledges Block Team for Successful Completion

Thank you very much for your efforts to complete the Rush University Medical Center Atrium Marketing Center job on time. We appreciate your staff’s cooperation and attention to details throughout the project.
Thank you to Mike Haines and the crew for a job well done.

Ken Gorman
Project Manager
Power Construction

Harrah’s Recognizes Team Dedication

I want to take this opportunity to recognize Block Electric’s efforts throughout the switchgear upgrade project. The project was completed with no disruption to guests and within the allotted timeframes for each outage. We appreciated your team’s dedication, which happened according to plan.
I want to specifically recognize Keith Howen and the electricians who tirelessly worked to accomplish the work within the allowed timeframes. Their efforts were critical to the success of the project.

Edward Mislavsky,
Project Director,
Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc.

Honeywell commends Block for Excellent Performance

I would like to commend Block Electric Co. for the excellent performance on our DCS replacement project at Loders-Croklaan.

In particular I would commend your employee Bill Enz and Dan Ardaugh for an excellent job. It was a great pleasure working with them and Doug Henline your Project Manager.

James McBride, Jr.,

Turner Recognizes Block’s Staff

Turner Construction Company would like to thank Block Electric for their cooperation on wiring all the major pieces of mechanical equipment on time for both the balancer and manufacture commissioning.

Ralph Miserendino,
MEP Superintendent,
Turner Construction Company