We have worked our way through the first half of 2016 with mixed results. The first six months of 2016 have been slower than normal for Block Electric, but our outlook for the next 18 months is very positive. We have recently booked some very significant projects. Additions to our backlog include a meat plant for Costco in Morris, a renovation and addition to the Mudd Library at Northwestern University, an elementary school in Braidwood, a renovation of the Shakespeare Theatre at Navy Pier, a project at O’Hare Airport, multiple projects at Argonne Labs, and several projects at various health care institutions. Our backlog of work is currently the highest it has been in the last 18 months.

The Block Electric website was recently updated. Our goal was to give the website a fresh and more up-to-date look that works on mobile devices and tablets as well as it works on desktop computers. In addition, we wanted to showcase various individual projects to highlight our expertise and experience to perform in all types of industries. The website includes a timeline of Block Electric’s long and proud history and descriptions of our technical capabilities. I invite you to check out the website at blockelectric.com.

The featured project in this issue is our ongoing work at Rush University Medical Center. Block Electric has a long history with Rush that began approximately 50 years ago. It is safe to say that most of our Local 134 electricians have worked at Rush at one time or another. Customer Delight has been the key to our long relationship with Rush. Recent projects include the Midwest Orthopaedics Building and the Cohn Research Building on the Rush Campus.

In addition, we have a regular crew at Rush throughout the year performing regular maintenance and remodeling projects.

Finally, this issue includes the 2016-2017 Block Electric scholarship recipients.

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Each year I am pleased that we can continue to honor your sons and daughters as they prepare for their individual careers. Enjoy the rest of the summer and continue to “Delight” our customers!

— Jack Block