BMO Harris Bank Data Center

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Block Electric once again employed the use of cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to successfully complete another project for BMO Harris of Naperville. Using BlM, Block Electric successfully managed subcontractors from all sides and input critical information into building models before construction.

The BMO Harris of Naperville project also offered many opportunities for prefabrication and pre-assembly of some systems off-site. This minimized on-site waste and products are delivered on a just-in-time basis rather than being stockpiled on-site since this project had no floor space for all the prefabricated parts to be stored.

BIM was extremely useful and allowed Block Electric to coordinate the delivery of various elements on a day-to-day basis, making the entire project easier to control and coordinate. BIM was also utilized in weekly planning to allow many locations to be installed at once. This also allowed teams to change work locations, giving  the entire project flexibility to focus on different areas based on where other trades were working at any given time. Multiple crews were able to undertake installs simultaneously without having to wait for parts to be constructed.

The Block team was able to use the Trimble system once again to allow for a quicker and more accurate installation.

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