Block Celebrates 25 Years with TransUnion

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Block Electric prides itself on being part of the original construction of TransUnion’s Midwest Headquarters, which is located at 555 W. Adams in downtown Chicago. At that time TransUnion was built as a state-of-the-art data center, hosting a 600 kva rotary UPS system and three 1,500 kw generators. After several upgrades to the facility, the TransUnion data center is now home to eight 500 kva UPS machines and monitoring systems for amperage, voltage and battery levels, and many additional “bells and whistles”.

Block Electric worked on a major remodeling and modernization of the TransUnion facility. The renovation included:

  • Addition of huddle rooms for private meetings
  • Large conference rooms
  • Audio visual labs
  • Video conference centers for multi-site meetings
  • State-of-the-art training centers
  • New café
  • Updated fitness center

TransUnion has a 46,000 square foot data center, located on two floors of their 10 story building. Building security is extremely tight with every failsafe safety system in place to ensure secure nonstop data processing to thousands of customers a day.

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