This year Block Electric celebrated a 25 year long-standing partnership with TransUnion, a global leader in credit information protection and management services that provides credit monitoring and scores, identity protection and financial management solutions to approximately 45,000 businesses and 500 million consumers in 33 countries worldwide.

Block Electric began it’s relationship with TransUnion in 1989 during the height of At that time TransUnion was built as a state-of the-art data center, hosting a 600 kva rotary UPS system and three 1,500 kw generators. After several upgrades to the facility, the TransUnion data center is currently home to eight 500 kva UPS machines and monitoring systems for amperage, voltage and battery levels, and many more “bells and whistles” than you could imagine, according to Jerry Hughes, Block Electric’s Project Manager at TransUnion for 18 years. The 46,000 square foot data center is located on two floors of this 10 story building, which includes a penthouse and basement. Security is extremely tight and the building has every failsafe safety system in place to ensure secure nonstop data processing to thousands of customers a day. Keeping the day-to-day operations of such a crucial data center is no easy task. The man responsible for the day-to-day functions of this facility is Brian Gavin, who has been the Chief Engineer at Trans Union since 1989. “He’s the guy that has kept it going,” Hughes said.

Gavin and his crew of engineers work 24 hours a day to keep this extremely sophisticated building operating. Gavin also oversees TransUnion’s secondary sites in Northlake, Pennsylvania, Florida and Canada. “It has been 25 years since TransUnion has entered into a successful partnership with Block Electric. In the early days as TransUnion was growing to become the leader in the credit information industry, it had a partner that understood the critical nature of our business model, Block Electric,” Gavin said. “Two individuals at Block Electric stand out as significant partners during our growth period—Jerry Hughes and Pat Phee. These two individuals have been part of the team that played an integral part in the growth of the business at TransUnion. We at TransUnion look forward to continuing this long relationship that allows for our long-term growth and success.” Block Electric’s Pat Phee, has been the Foreman at TransUnion for the past 20 years. “Pat is an expert at installing and maintaining data centers and back of the house systems that keep these complicated buildings working,” Hughes said.

Currently Block Electric is working with General Contractor JC Anderson in a major remodeling and modernization of the TransUnion facility geared toward creating a more modern, pleasant and functional work environment. The renovation includes the addition of huddle rooms for private meetings, large conference rooms, audio visual labs, video conference centers for multi-site meetings and state-of-the-art training centers, as well as a new café and an updated fitness center. “We are happy to be part of this long relationship and look forward to continuing it how to become a sugar baby in the future,” Hughes said.