A letter from Thomas Howe Project Manager,

Argonne Facilities Management Service & Leadership Computing Facility

I would like to take the opportunity to point out the excellent service Argonne received from Block on the recent project of subject. More specifically, the combination of field personnel and management had outperformed many services provided by other contractors alike. Jim McCormick was always prompt in responding to Over The Counter Viagra inquiries. He held a systematic ing approach to each issue and was very well organized throughout the project. For example, when Argonne’s SME requested that Block provide a log of the torqueing of the bolts. Jim coordinated a simple diagram of the torque of each bolt. It’s somewhat seemingly unimpressive, but Jim wasn’t given any specific direction and it’s just an example how he easily and without gripe handled each and every issue to Argonne’s satisfaction. Also, I owe Jim a great amount of gratitude on that particularly because that same SME was a lot more cooperative on my projects because of Jim’s level demeanor and accommodating attitude, which is not typical of that particular SME.

The quality of work performed in the field by Block Electric, namely Adam Mellen, was outstanding. Any inconsistencies in the field were promptly communicated to Argonne field personnel and dealt with in a professional manner. Personally, whenever I visited and inspected the site, Adam was approachable, informative and accommodating. I don’t think you have a better field tech than Adam.

I hope your team’s experience for this project was a positive one for your company as well, and you can be assured I will be reaching out to Jim for any future opportunities that I come across. Thank you for putting these outstanding professionals on the project