BIM and CAD Software

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has transformed the way we design and construct electrical systems, infrastructures, utilities, buildings, shops, homes and so much more.

The leap in value from Computer Aided Design (CAD) to BIM is as exciting and revolutionary as the jump from traditional 2D models to 3 dimensional modeling. CAD is still incredibly powerful 3D modeling software that Block Electric uses on a daily basis. However, with BIM, there is a huge variety of additional information contained in the modeling software that can be used to create innovative designs and better solutions for our clients.

Electrical Design Using BIM and CAD Software

Block Electric has an entirely dedicated electrical design team that utilizes BIM and CAD software.

Not only does BIM and CAD software save time, but the real-world modeling tools can actually enable Block’s expert BIM and CAD designers to locate and address potential problems long before they affect production. Our designers are able to “link up” with our Trimble system, used by our field personnel for on-site layouts, to provide exact locations, less re-work, faster install, and more accurate as-built drawings at project completion.  This enables us to take a proactive approach to electrical design and alleviate problems before they impact construction schedules or deadlines for our clients.

Block Electric has been at the forefront of BIM and CAD software technology in creating truly innovative electrical design solutions for our clients. One fantastic example is our work with Silver Cross Hospital, a project so successful that the 3D software design company Navistar featured the CAD photos of Silver Cross Hospital on their 2012 AutoDesk software box.

To learn more about how Block Electric can utilize powerful BIM and CAD software to help with the most complex electrical contracting and electrical design project, contact us today.