Silver Cross Hospital

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Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, Illinois is Block Electric’s largest job to date. Silver Cross Hospital was unique because it was the first time the company used cutting edge BIM (Building Information Modeling and 3D Modeling technology, allowing Block’s CAD team to digitally model the entire project prior to beginning any work.

Block Electric was contracted in November of 2009 and worked on the project for two straight years before completing the job in November of 2011.

The Silver Cross Hospital project involved a wide range of services, including BIM coordination, normal power service and distribution, a 15KV distribution system, isolated power systems for surgical suites, lighting and lighting controls, site lighting, branch power, power for major mechanical systems, life safety systems, lightning protection and grounding systems, equal potential grounding systems, the fire alarm system, special system raceways, and construction management of special system contractors.

Project Highlights:

  • 4 Emergency Sub Stations
  • 4 Normal Power Sub Stations
  • Building Fed with 12kv
  • 200,000 Labor Hours
  • Featured on Cover of 2012 Version of Navisworks AutoDesk