Peoples Gas North

Block Electric recently finished the Peoples Gas North project.

This project consisted of a total of 84,450 sq. ft. The facility housed 14,000 sq. ft. of office space along with a training center, fleet bay for vehicle repairs and maintenance, and state of the art fitness center.

The building was completed in record time of 9 months, with more than 30 electricians working 6 days a week for most of the summer. Martin Will led the crew through over 160 design changes. Marty’s experience on his previous project, AA-GEM, showed up when the similar jobs required hands on experience and design input.

Peoples Gas has plans to build 8 of these similar facilities and Block is currently involved in building 3 of them. That is a testament to our employees’ workmanship and dedication to Customer Delight which keeps us on top of our game and will continue for another 100 years.