Outer Drive East Riviera Club

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The stunning Outer Drive East Riviera Club offers a magical combination of architecture, art and technology. It is a remarkable example of Block Electric’s capabilities and expertise in designing electrical systems that not only withstand harsh environments, but also illuminate a space while providing outstanding, long-lasting functionality.

Because of excessive corrosion, all existing lighting fixtures, conduit and wire had to be replaced. Additionally, the original lighting system featured a color changing system that had stopped working and was in drastic need of an update.

Maintenance of the system required that the pool be drained to change lamps, so upkeep costs were extremely high. Reducing these costs and making the lighting and electrical systems easier to maintain was a challenge the team at Block Electric were well equipped to take on.

Block Electric installed light fixtures that will withstand the harsh elements. We also installed small fiber optic ferrules in the pool and put the metal halide illuminators in an easy to access remote location. In addition we installed an automated 30-minute cycle color wheel in the illuminators that enabled us to recreate the color-changing concept with modern technology. This solution also reduced power consumption by about two thirds. We then automated the system to switch on at dusk, off at dawn and even provide specialized color schemes at holidays.

With updated technology, minimal maintenance requirements and a significant savings in energy consumption, Block Electric helped create one of the most dramatic pool spaces in the city of Chicago.