Joliet Bulk Barge & Rail

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Block Electric completed a fast-paced, six month project at Joliet Bulk Barge & Rail. The project was at times challenging because of the harsh winter and extreme weather conditions. With 90 percent of the job being outdoors, the installation of a crude oil unloading terminal in Joliet, IL required weekend work and peaked with manpower of 35 electricians.

Block Electric installed two 15kv services from Commonwealth Edison’s transformers through utility metering cabinets and Vista Gear to a 15kv medium voltage switchgear. The 15kv switchgear fed five 15kv outdoor transformers. The transformers then fed 480 Volt and 4160 Volt Motor Control Centers in the Boiler House.

Most of the areas were rated as Class I Division 2 areas, with some Class I Division 1 areas.

Other work completed by Block Electric included:

  • The installation of approximately 9,000 feet of cable tray outdoors on elevated pipe Stanchions.
  • The installation of 180,000 feet of armored tray cable for motors, control stations, instrumentation, lighting and heat tracing throughout the plant.
  • The installation of approximately 500 Explosion Proof light fixtures throughout the safe racks, pipe stanchions, metering skids, pump areas and tanks.
  • The installation of 87 street lights and poles for the roadway lighting throughout the plant.
  • The installation of a Fire Alarm System for the Boiler House
  • The installation of Fiber Optics between the three buildings for the Fire Alarm System
  • and the HMI’s.
  • The installation of Electric Heat Tracing on process piping along with the water lines for the Safety Showers.
  • The installation of PLC’s and UPS systems in the Boiler House for the plant instrumentation.
  • The installation of a plant wide emergency Alarm System
  • The installation of a Boiler Building

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